The TST Mechanical Shoe Seal is a “COMPRESSION” type system which uses a series of compression plates (maximum length of 48”) to hold and push the shoe plates against the tank shell with a force of 40 to 55 pounds point load at two points on each shoe plate.  The pressure points are in the center of gravity of each shoe plate, therefore the pressure exerted by the compression plates pushes equally from the top to the bottom ensuring the total height of the shoe plates are against the tank shell.  Also with the positive compression the TST Mechanical Shoe Seal System helps center the floating roof.

Each of the shoe plates have a slotted and gasketed expansion joint (SLIDE-TYPE) to accommodate expansion and contraction at each shoe plate lap that will seal the tank’s deviations more efficiently than any other type of Mechanical Shoe Seal System.

The TST “COMPRESSION” Mechanical Shoe Seal System is a “DROP-IN” type that does not require welding and/or drilling of extra holes in the rim plate for attachment.

The TST “COMPRESSION” Mechanical Shoe Seal System attaches to the existing holes in the rim connection.